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Thanks from Alan and Jane

Alan and Jane Say Thank You

Alan and Jane Randall - 9 February 2012

Sorry itís been so long since we have been in touch but the PC decided it was time to retire and with end of business accounts to do, it was so mistimed and annoying.

A huge thank you goes to everyone in the village involved in the collection for Jane and me. Another huge thank you to those who attended the presentation and said goodbye.  In the last month Jane and I have kicked back and really got into a routine. We have even started talking and sharing daily stories and jobs around the house! The first thing we did after going off and seeing family back home was to buy a big telly with the money the village collected. Oh yes indeed, the biggest shiniest telly we could find and popped it in the corner of the lounge and even found boring programmes to watch on it.

It does surprise me that after all these years working evenings, I have quickly drifted into a routine of Emmerdale and Eastenders. I have also managed two weeks of football - something I havenít done for the last 18 months. Martin Churchill has seen me and my aging, dodgy body running around. Jane has also witnessed me trying to climb the stairs on the Friday!!!!

Work - well, I am still there and it is amazing. Loads to do and I am getting into it. It is a job that will be a marathon rather than a sprint.

Timing is everything and I canít believe such a job came up at the right time. Iím doing a couple of weekends but no late nights at the moment. Those will begin when the functions start happening.

So, thatís about it at the moment. We want to leave it a while before going into our old home for a pint. Plus, when we go back I have to pay full price for Janeís wine!!! Thatís going to hurt.

Thanks once again to everyone who supported us and who contributed.


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