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Heating Oil Scheme

Pettistree Region Oil Purchasing Syndicate - PROPS

Steve Wassell

Visit the PROPS web site for up-to-date information.

PROPS is an oil purchasing syndicate set up to buy oil at bulk prices on behalf of the residents of Pettistree, Wickham Market and the wider community.

The principal aims for all to benefit from are:

  • A lower cost of heating oil.
  • A regular and reliable supply
  • Less hassle - we do the phoning around for the best price
  • Less heavy traffic on our country roads.

The service is FREE to join and is operated by PROPS on behalf of the residents of our villages with the assurance that the syndicate has absolutely no connection with the oil industry and is carried out on an entirely voluntary basis.

This scheme operates on a simple basis:

  • Members order oil online **
  • PROPS aggregate the individual requirements to achieve a total bulk figure
  • A number of suitable suppliers are contacted for the best possible price and delivery
  • Members requirements are forwarded to the chosen supplier for delivery.
  • Member makes their payment directly to the supplier after delivery.

Orders will be placed six times a year at a frequency to coincide with average usage.

The more people joining this scheme, the stronger our bargaining power, the better the terms we can achieve for you and the better it will work for all concerned. There are over 250 members in the scheme and they are achieving significant savings on the lowest individual order prices.

This is a community initiative; however, if you have other forms of heating and are not needing to join us please pass this on to a friend, relative or neighbour in the spirit it is intended so they may have the opportunity to benefit. The more people joining this scheme, the stronger the bargaining power, the better the terms can be achieved and the better it will work for all concerned.

There are some FAQs below which will help to clarify how the syndicate works b ut visit the PROPS web site for up to date information and to join the scheme.

Stephen Wassell


**. If you do not have e-mail we are hoping that community spirit will prevail allowing you to use a friend or neighbour to place your order through them.

FAQs On How PROPS Works

How does it work?

Members request their oil requirements by e mail to props11@btinternet.com before the pre advised “Cut Off” dates.

  • The day following the "Cut Off" date, the requests received by PROPS are aggregated to arrive at a bulk figure.
  • Next, several suppliers will be contacted to obtain the best price per litre and delivery for the bulk figure.
  • The individual members’ requests will then be forwarded to the chosen supplier.
  • The chosen supplier will be asked to contact each member and make the necessary arrangements regarding delivery and payment.

How do I become a member of PROPS?

By filling out a registration form and e-mailing it to props11@btinternet.com.

Membership is FREE. Once completed your details will be held ready for when you need to request oil. There is no obligation to request oil until you are ready to do so.

Oil Delivery Dates

Deliveries are arranged for six times a year until further notice; however, this is dependent on the capabilities of the delivery company, demand and outside influences. Your request for oil must be placed before the order cut off date; delivery to be advised by the supplier

How do I order my oil?

By visiting the PROPS web site and filling in the online form.

Is there a minimum oil order size?

Yes, 500 litres in multiples of 100 litres at any one delivery. Your order amount needs to be as accurate as possible, to the nearest 100 litres, as this affects the discount on the volume ordered.

How do I pay for my oil?

Payments are by cash, credit/debit card or cheque. Standing orders are NOT possible as householders will not know in advance who the selected oil supplier will be or the negotiated price. This will only be ascertained once the bulk request is placed by .

Can I pay for the oil through PROPS?

No. The chosen oil supplier will be asked to confirm the order and the agreed Syndicate price (including 5% VAT) for that specific delivery. Your credit or debit card may be taken for payment. Some oil suppliers will also accept a cheque to be given to the driver on the day of delivery. (Please remember that credit cards usually attract an additional charge)

Can I get the syndicate discounted price if I don’t order though the scheme?

No. If you need oil urgently outside the scheduled ordering dates you are free to negotiate with any supplier and still request your next delivery through PROPS as a registered member.

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