All Saints’ Church, Brandeston

Parochial Church Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 15th November 2007


Present:          Mr McArthur (Chairman)

                        Mr Baker

                        Mrs Baker

                        Mrs Demetriadi 

                        Dr Fletcher

Mr Garratt

Mrs Jeffery,

Miss Leach

Mrs Matthews

                        Mrs Molyneux

                        Mrs Moore   

                        Mrs Woodland      


The Revd Robin Alderson attended the meeting


The meeting opened with a prayer.


1)     There were apologies for absence from Mr Drummond


2)     Minutes of the meeting held on 19th September 2007

These were approved. Mrs Jeffery was present.


3)  Matters arising from the minutes


It was considered that the evening of ghost stories was contrary to the spirituality of the church and would be better off held elsewhere. Miss Leach has enquired about the availability of the village hall on January 12th and will confirm the booking.


The place of the Church in the community will be discussed at the next meeting.


4) Maps:

Mrs Woodland still has two maps that have been bought but not collected. All the maps have been sold. There was discussion about the status of the maps in the village hall. Were they lent or given to the village hall? If they belong to us, are they insured? The fixtures and fittings of the village hall are well insured. Mrs Baker will write a letter to the village hall confirming that the maps have been given and requesting that they should not be disposed of. If, at any time, they are no longer required by the village hall, they should be returned to the PCC. The insurance value was set at £400. It was confirmed that we have copies of some of the maps and there are more copies in the Records Office. Mrs Woodland was thanked for all her work on this matter.



5) Financial report

A written report is included with these minutes. It was agreed that we should pay the £540 of the quota that we had previously planned to hold back. There will be a meeting of the three benefice treasurers in the New Year to sort out next year’s quota payments. Next year’s increase should be significantly smaller than this year’s.

Mr Baker recommended that we pay the full £9 700 next year so we would need to put the Summer Fête money into the General Fund and not the Fabric Fund. It was agreed that we should leave things as they are, putting the fete money into the Fabric Fund, but with an option to transfer it if necessary, after the approval of the Church Officers has been obtained. We will not be in a situation to pick up the shortfall of Kettleburgh.

Charitable Giving

Charitable giving this year has, so far, been: £50 for the Archdeacon’s retirement, £25 for the Suffolk Historic Churches’ Trust, £50 for the Historic Churches Preservation Trust.

It was agreed that we should make this up to £200 by making a donation of £75 to the Red Cross.


Mr Alderson left the meeting at this point.


6) Deanery Synod Report

The written report was discussed.


7) Fund Raising and forthcoming events


Induction service

The arrangements for the service and the refreshments in the village hall were discussed. The rehearsal date was fixed and Mrs Demetriadi was given permission to spend £50 on flowers.

Everyone who helped with the church cleaning at the weekend was thanked. Organisation of the cleaning rota has been passed to Mrs Jeffery and Mrs Matthews.


Chris Parfitt’s talk

This will take place on 2nd December in the village hall at 3.00pm.


Ghost stories on 12th January.

Tickets, posters and flyers will be organised by Mrs Moore and Mr Garratt.


21st June – Summer fête.


The bike ride raised £635 for our parish from 4 cyclists. An article will be placed in the magazine.


8) Pattern of Services

Church music-

Mr Matthews will continue to play for 2 services a month and will take Mr Alderson’s first service. Mrs Weston will be asked to play for one service per month. The pattern of services will remain the same with the addition of an 8 o’clock BCP communion service on the 2nd Sunday of the month.


There will be a meeting of elders on 5th December to plan services for next year. The 5th Sunday of the month will be a Benefice service.


9) Electoral Roll

The names of Mrs Ogilvie and Mr Kissick-Jones have been added to the roll.


10) Child protection.

There have been no reported incidents . The policy is up to date.


11) Correspondence

It was agreed that the minutes of meetings, along with the times and dates of services and bell-ringing, should be placed on the village website.


12) Date of next meeting:

Tuesday 22nd January 2008 at Office Farm House at 7.30pm.