All Saints’ Church, Brandeston
Parochial Church Council
Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 22nd January 2008

Present:          Revd Robin Alderson

                        Mr Baker

                        Mrs Baker

                        Mrs Demetriadi 

                        Mr Drummond

                        Dr Fletcher

Mr Garratt

Mrs Jeffery,

Miss Leach

Mrs Matthews

                        Mrs Molyneux

                        Mrs Moore   

                        Mrs Woodland      


The meeting opened with a prayer.


1)     There were apologies for absence from Mr McArthur.


2)     Minutes of the meeting held on 15th November 2007

These were approved.


3)  Matters arising from the minutes



Mrs Baker has written to the Village Hall Committee to confirm the status of the maps. Since we requested that they be returned to us if they are no longer required, they will be regarded as a loan. They are covered by the Village Hall’s insurance. Mrs Woodland still has two maps, sold to Mr and Mrs Harris, that have not been collected.


4) Financial report

A written report on the accounts for 2007 is included with these minutes.


The receipts were augmented by increases in Gift Aid and donations with a consequent increase in recovered tax. Fundraising fell in 2007.


Payments include collections taken in Church, such as those for the Poppy Appeal and the Children’s Society which were paid over to the charities. We were able to pay our Parish Share in full. The Fabric Fund is at a higher level than we had expected.


Mr Baker answered questions about the figures. Dr Fletcher thanked Mr Matthews for playing without charging a fee. The quota increase for 2008 is relatively small and, following a positive meeting at Kettleburgh last night, the discussions about division of the quota between the three parishes should be minimal. Mr Baker was thanked for his work on the accounts. Mr Rice has agreed to audit the accounts this year.


5) Restoration

There was no report on restoration.





6) Mortuary Chapel Report

The cheese and wine party raised £300. Mr Risk and Mr Garratt have planted hedging from the Parish Hedge Scheme and have replaced the Black Poplar. The brickwork on the Austin tomb needs repointing so that the railings can be replaced. Mr Garratt will get estimates. The sheep are back to keep the grass down so that the orchids and other wild flowers can thrive. Last year there were more than 100 Pyramid Orchids.


7) Church Inventory

The inventory was completed and signed.


8) Fund Raising and forthcoming events

The PCC was informed of the request from the Village Hall Committee that we clean up properly after events and remove our rubbish.

The evening of ghost stories has been postponed. We will try to arrange to have a room at the school. Mrs Molyneux will contact the school. Another possibility is to use the Mortuary Chapel which is small enough to create a suitable atmosphere. Mr Garratt will talk to the Friends of the Chapel.



9) The Church in the Community

It was agreed that, at the next meeting, we should consider an audit of current activities and discuss how we should carry them forward.



10) Child Protection.

There have been no reported incidents. We need to have a policy for safeguarding vulnerable adults. We will discuss this at a future meeting.


11) Correspondence

We have received a letter of thanks from the Ormiston Trust for the presents given at the Crib Service.


12) Annual Parochial Church Meetings                      

Weds 16th April                    

Miss Leach will book the Village Hall.

Please send contributions for the report to Mary Baker by 11th February.

The meeting will be at 7pm followed by refreshments at 7.45pm. Please provide some refreshments and a bottle of wine each.

Mary Moore agreed to speak. Mrs Jeffery and Mrs Baker will help with the visual presentation.

Mrs Molyneux will put information in the parish magazine.

Mrs Baker will do flyers (50) for newspapers and the village website.


13) Dates

6th February   Ash Wednesday service at Brandeston at 10.30

                        Deanery Service at Framlingham at 7.30

2nd March       Mothering Sunday service at Brandeston at 11.00

16th March      Palm Sunday service and procession. Meet at Kettleburgh Old School at 10.30.

11th April        Bishop Nigel Stock will be in Brandeston at 11.15 to meet people from the village.

27th April        Rogation Sunday

May 1st            Ascension Day Deanery evening service

                        Campsea Ashe /Marlesford Service

14th May         Archdeacon’s visitation in Framlingham

14th May         Annual Parish Council meeting

16th May         Archdeacon to Brandeston (am)


Mr Alderson thanked everyone for making him so welcome and thanked all those who made the church look so beautiful, especially over Christmas. He requested that we return to the 11 o’clock time for 3rd Sunday services, starting in February. In the Spring, he would like to hold a joint meeting between the three PCCs on the future nature of the Churches. He would also like to develop the musical talents of the benefice. The PCC agreed to investigate the purchase of “Hymns Old and New” for the benefice.


There was discussion about the need to have a licence to read the banns for weddings within any of the churches of the Benefice.


Mrs Molyneux was given permission to sell an old projector and a lace table cloth (valued at £100 each) at Abbott’s. It was agreed that we should get the silver out of the bank at Easter.


Mr Evans and Mr Garratt will repair the benches in the porch.


Date of next meeting: Monday 3rd March at Wheelwrights at 7.30 pm.