Minutes of a Meeting of the Council held at the Village Hall on Wednesday, 14 November 2007



Councillors D Risk (Chairman) (DR), H Saxton (HS), W Elson (WE), P Summers (PS), K Churchill (KC), S Thurlow (ST) and J Fielder (JF),

Parish Clerk and RFO A M Hounsell

Cty. Cllr. P Bellfield

Chairman of SCDC Cllr C Cocker (part time)

Parishioners Mr N Hayward, Mr D Morgan, Ms A Law and Mr R Reade, Mr P Smyth, Mr D Evans (these latter three – part time)

Parish Historical Recorder Mrs W Woodland


1-0708/6 – Presentation of award for runner-up in the SCDC Village of the Year Competition by Chairman of SCDC, Councillor Cliff Cocker

Cllr Cocker remarked that the competition had been known as the Best Kept Village from 1974 but was now held for villages of less than 500 residents. He said that there were three judges from outside the “small villages” and that this year the entries were of a very high quality. Judging standards included the “look” of the village and consideration was given to communication with parishioners. All villages had made a big impact on the judges and choosing prizewinners had been a difficult decision. First prize had been awarded to Levington with Brandeston second and Friston third. Cllr Cocker then presented the award of the second-place certificate and a cheque for ₤125 to Brandeston Parish Council Chairman, David Risk.

In response the Chairman thanked Cllr. Cocker for the presentation and said that Brandeston has a very high community spirit due in large part to the new village hall – firstly raising the funds for building and equipping and now for its use by the community. The Chairman stated that the Council had a renewed vigour with some new members and mentioned that the competition was previously known as the Best Kept Village Competition until 1974 but was now held in alternate years for villages over and under 500 residents. Brandeston had been a previous winner of this competition in either 1958 or 1959 (the Chairman was not quite sure which as he had been away in the Army).


2-0708/6 - Open discussion with members of the public who may be present

Mr Hayward asked if the planning application for Red House Farm (stated to be a replica of the previously approved barn conversion) was indeed a COMPLETE replica with EVERYTHING unchanged. PS advised that the Council were treating it as a NEW application meaning that there could be changes from the layout and other details of the previous approval.

HS raised the problem of proliferation of event posters around the village - whoever puts them up does not always take them down. The Chairman questioned if this was a Parish Council matter. Cty. Cllr. Bellfield undertook to enquire of the legal position.


3-0708/6 – Report of Cty. Cllr. Peter Bellfield

Cty. Cllr. Bellfield said that the SCC budget for 2008-09 was the major concern at present. He advised that he is chair of the Scrutiny Committee and leads through this process. The County Council are looking for savings ₤16 million without inclusion of savings now necessary since Ipswich is to become a unitary authority. Among the items likely to be introduced were bus charges for over 16’s in education and charges for care in the home (but the latter will continue to be met by the County Council subject to means testing). He said these changes wee unfortunate but necessary if the County Council were to continue living within its financial constraints.

Waste incineration is to be introduced to produce electricity but from one site only at a location not yet decided. There was no choice – the County Council cannot continue with landfill due to lack of space and to government dictat.


[Note – there was no report on SCDC in the absence of Dist.Cllr. R Snell from whom apologies had been received]


4-0708/6 – Formal Meeting Opening, Chairman’s Welcome and Apologies for Absence

The Chairman welcomed Councillors and visitors to the meeting and advised that there were apologies for absence from Dist. Cllr. R. Snell.


5-0708/6 – To Receive Councillors’ Declaration of Interest in Agenda Items

ST declared interest in agenda item 10 (i)


6-0708/6 – Minutes of Previous Meetings

The minutes of the meetings of 11 July 2007, 22 August 2007 and 26 September 2007 were signed as a true record.


7-0708/6 – Matters arising from previous minutes

(i)                  Councillors’ Register of Interests (previous minute 4-0708/5 (i))

The Clerk confirmed that he had now received Register of Interests forms from all Councillors.

(ii)                 Audit of Village Hall Accounts (previous minute 4-0708/5 (ii))

ST reported this could now be closed – accounts had been accepted by the Lottery who had also confirmed that there would be no future need for accounts or Lottery monitoring of the hall and its functioning.

(iii)        Planning Application C04/0438 – Red House Farm, Conversion of barn to residential dwelling (previous minute 4-0707/5 (iii))

The Clerk confirmed that he had written to SCDC as instructed by the council at the meeting of 26 September 2007 and included a request to be kept fully advised of the status of this development. No reply had been received by 13 October 2007, so a reminder was sent on that date. A response dated 15 October 2007 indicated that the SCDC Development Control Sub-committee would consider this subject at their meeting of 17 October 2007 (although no indication was given as to the recommendation to be made by the Planning Officers). At their meeting, the Sub-committee agreed with the revised recommendation of Planning Officers that what was now proposed was beyond a conversion and that therefore a new planning application plus an application for demolition consent was required. This new application has been presented and is referenced as C07/1987.

In considering the new application, the Council noted that the Design and Access statement asserts that the original permission cannot be implemented. Accordingly, the Council agreed to view Application CO7/1987 as an application for the construction of a new dwelling house and consideration should be given to the context of the site (insofar as part only is contained within the village envelope), the site falls within a designated Conservation Area and within an AONB. The site commands a prominent position on entry to the village with distant views from the Deben Valley. Therefore, the Council agreed to seek refusal on the following grounds :-

  1. new development should not be consented outside the defined Physical Limits of the village
  2. the proposed dwelling is of a scale and size far too large for that part of the site which is contained within the Physical Limits
  3. the application’s red-lined area encompasses agricultural land and buildings outside the defined Physical Limits of the village. Development of a new residential dwelling in close proximity to existing agricultural livestock buildings is not acceptable. The Applicant has failed to incorporate within the application any proposal to demolish and remove such buildings.
  4. in addition to the overbearing building size, the design of the proposed dwelling gives rise to potential for overlooking from windows on the east elevation [wrongly labelled “west elevation” on drawing number 7486 – 01] and would not be acceptable
  5. the height and size of the cartlodge is inappropriate and not sufficiently subservient to the main building – its proposed positioning to the north (road) side of the proposed dwelling commands far too prominent a position on entry to the village and it should be re-sited (ensuring any development is contained within the Physical Limits of the village).
  6. the eastern wing including carports materially detracts from the integrity of a building seeking to replicate the style of a Suffolk Barn.
  7. roof lights/windows are not appropriate in such barn-style buildings


The Council further suggested that the District Council should indicate to the Applicant that more favourable consideration may be given to a revised application for a far smaller building to the size of the plot within the Physical Limits of the village and replicating the style of the original barn along with inclusion of the changes set-out above (points 1 – 7) and utilising materials and of an appearance consistent with an older barn. The Council consider that the sensitivity of the site demands that such an application be a Full Application (i.e. not an Outline Application). Approval of any such application should be made subject to additional conditions:-


A.      the existing agricultural buildings abutting the site should be demolished (including excavation and removal of foundations) prior to commencement of occupation of the dwelling (residential development alongside existing agricultural livestock buildings being inappropriate).

B.      a full landscaping plan should be provided and approved ( including retention of existing trees and hedges within the application site and a scheme of  planting on adjoining land where agricultural buildings have been removed to screen views of the new dwelling from the Deben Valley)

C.      the new dwelling be restricted to a single residential dwelling only

D.      general permitted development rights be withdrawn

E.      contribution to outdoor playspace should be required. This application (and any revision thereof) is an application for new residential development.


The Clerk was instructed to write to SCDC, Planning Dept. setting out the Council’s views as stated above.

(iv)        Routing of FP14 (previous minute 4-0708/5 (iv))

The Clerk confirmed that he had received the anticipated letter from SCC confirming that they would undertake the necessary actions to revise the routing of this footpath without cost to Brandeston Parish Council. However, due to their heavy workload there may be some delay.

(v)         Planning application C07/1491/FUL – Rose Farm Cottage, Mutton Lane, Change of use from agricultural to garden (previous minute 4-0708/4)

The Clerk advised that revised drawings had been received correcting the previous error in the land area. The Clerk also advised that he had written to SCDC reconfirming the Council’s previous comments on this application.


8-0708/6 - Planning

(i)       The Clerk advised that application C07/1513/FUL (Sorell Cottage, Friday St., Erection of Side and rear extensions) had been approved but that no requirement was made to consider alternative colours for the weatherboarding.

(ii)      The Chairman advised that he had received a letter from Mr N Hayward regarding his intention to construct a lean-to style boatstore at Millstones, Mill Lane. It was noted that there were no objections from neighbours and that such construction does not require planning consent. The receipt of the letter was acknowledged and the Council thanked Mr Hayward (present at the meeting) for his courtesy in advising the Council of his intentions.


9-0708/6 – Financial Report by RFO (The Clerk)

The Clerk confirmed that the Council’s accounts for 2006-07 had been approved by the external auditors. He advised receipt of the second precept instalment of ₤1,025, of recycling credit of ₤5.51and of the first prize of ₤100 for the Suffolk Village Newsletter of the Year Competition. The Clerk then circulated the current cashbook statement and advised that the main account has a current balance of £2,667.58 and the 100+ account a balance of £179.18 (both after allowing accruals for cheques raised and for latest receipts). The Clerk pointed out the there were various future expenses to be met (such as room hire and election costs). He confirmed that the Council’s finances continued to be satisfactory


10-0708/6 – Financial Matters

(i)         The Council agreed payment to BVH&RG of £8.00 for room hire for the next meeting at the village hall on a date to be agreed.

(ii)        The Councillors again confirmed that they had read and agreed to the terms required by Barclays Bank for amendment to the signatories of the council’s accounts. The clerk advised that Barclays required re-submission of the Appointment of Bankers form for the community account.

KC confirmed that the changes in her banking arrangements were underway. Accordingly, submission of the new, previously agreed signatories for the 100+ club account could now be progressed and the Clerk was requested to arrange. The Council then repeated its previous resolution accepting the Barclays terms for both accounts (refer to minute no. 7-0708/5 (ii) of meeting of 26 September 2007)

(iii)        Budget for Parish Plan project

The Clerk advised that the budget for the Parish Plan Steering Group was to have further minor modification. Nevertheless, the Council agreed expenditure up to a maximum of ₤1,333.23 by the Group, provided that a grant totalling 95% of the sum expended was received through Suffolk ACRE.

(iv)        The Council approved payment of the audit fee, amounting to ₤141.00 (including VAT), to Lubbock Fine

(v)         The Clerk advised the Council of changes to lottery regulations following the coming-into-effect on 01 September 2007 of the Gaming Act 2005. The fee now payable is ₤20 and the Council approved payment for the 100+ Club. Further, a return indicating income and expenditure is now required, signed by two appointees. The Council agreed the Chairman (D I Risk) and the Clerk (A M Hounsell) should be these appointees.


11-0708/6 – Correspondence

The Council noted correspondence concerning the Countryside Access Community Scheme but agreed no action was required at present except for the Council to register its interest.


12-0708/6 - Any other business as may be raised and accepted as appropriate by the Chairman

There were no items under this heading.


Date of Next Meeting

Date of the next meeting was confirmed as 16 January 2008 at 8.00 pm at the village hall with the agenda to include the precept budget for 2008-09. The next meeting to be 12 March 2008, subject to confirmation.


The meeting closed at 10.20 pm