Minutes of a Meeting of the Council held at the Village Hall on Wednesday, 09 August 2006



Councillors D Risk (Chairman) (DR), J Garratt (JG), and H Saxton (HS)

Parish Clerk and RFO A M Hounsell


1-0607/4 - Welcome and Apologies.

The Chairman welcomed Councillors to the meeting and advised that there were apologies for absence from Councillors K Churchill, S Thurlow and C McArthur, County Councillor P Bellfield and PC M Upson.


2-0607/4 - Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest in agenda items


3-0607/4 - Previous Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of 19 July 2006 were approved and signed as a true record


4-0607/4 - Planning

The Council considered application C06/1331/FUL (Rear extension – Bramley House) and resolved that it would raise no objection in principle, whilst pointing out that the plans do not show the full extent of the development at the site (in particular the conservatory, or the barn style garage on the adjacent property at 51 The Street). Bearing these omissions in mind, the Council believes that this further development is inappropriate to the size of the plot. The Council also expressed concern at the danger, which may be created during construction by the parking and unloading of builder’s vehicles adjacent to the junction with Mill Lane and requested that the appropriate condition be imposed as a condition of approval.

The Clerk was instructed to advise SCDC of these statements.


5-0607/4 - Financial Matters

The Council approved payment of £8.00 to Brandeston VH&RG for room hire for the meeting on 04 October 2006.


6-0607/4 - Variation to the agenda business

The Chairman agreed to vary the agenda to permit discussion of the following ;-

(i)                   The Clerk advised the meeting of approval of application C06/0923/LBC (Removal of render and re-rendering – 38 The Street)

(ii)                 Application C06/1438/LBC (Replacement doors with fire escape doors - Brandeston Hall School) was presented to the meeting. After discussion it was agreed to approve

(iii)                The Clerk advised the meeting that the external auditors had approved the Council’s accounts for 2005-06 without qualification. The Council agreed payment of the audit fee of £141 including VAT

(iv)                SCDC Disability Scheme – the Council has received notification of the above but at this time is not aware of any person who might wish to participate as an advisor.

(v)                  The Chairman advised the meeting of an invitation to visit the SCDC Great Blakenham Materials Recycling Scheme on various dates and confirmed that he would visit on 19 September, pm – the Clerk to advise SCDC. Any other Councillors wishing to visit should advise the Clerk not later than 20 August.

(vi)                The Chairman also drew the meeting’s attention to the invitation to the Suffolk ACRE AGM. It was agreed that Councillors should advise direct by 25 September if they wished to attend.

(vii)               The communication from the SCC Public Rights of Way Network, which requests advice from the Council on footpath, byway and bridleway classification, was considered and their form completed for return by the Clerk.


Date of Next Meeting

Date of next meetings were confirmed as 04 October and 06 December 2006 at 8.00 pm.


The meeting closed at 9.10 pm