Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Council held at the Village Hall on Wednesday, 09 May 2007



Councillors D Risk (Chairman) (DR), S Thurlow (ST), H Saxton (HS) and K Churchill (KC)

Parish Clerk and RFO A M Hounsell

Parishioners Mr N Hayward and Dr W Elson


1-0708/2 - Election of Council Chairman

DR was nominated by ST and seconded by HS. There were no other nominations, so DR was declared elected.


2-0708/2 - Chairman’s Acceptance of the Position

DR accepted the position and declared his intention to serve the council and the community to the best of his abilities.


3-0708/2 - Welcome and Apologies

The Chairman welcomed Councillors and visitors to the meeting and advised that there were apologies for absence from Cty Cllr P. Bellfield and Parishioner Dr J Fielder


4-0708/2 - Elections of Vice Chairman, Responsible Financial Officer and Council’s Nominee to the Committee of Brandeston Village Hall & Recreation Ground

HS was proposed as Vice Chair by ST and seconded by DR. There were no other nominations, so HS was duly declared elected.

A M Hounsell was appointed as RFO.

KC was duly proposed, seconded and appointed as nominee to the committee of BVH&RG.


5-0708/2 - Councillors’ Acceptance of Office, Register of Interests and Register of Electoral Expenses

Those councillors present completed their Declarations of Acceptance of Office and Declarations of Election Expenses for forwarding to SCDC by the Clerk.

It was agreed that Register of Interests would be completed later.


6-0708/2 – Declarations of Interest in Agenda Items

ST declared interest in agenda item 13 (a)


7-0708/2 – Co-option of two Councillors to Vacancies

Dr W Elson was proposed by HS and seconded by KC.

Dr J Fielder was proposed by ST and seconded by HS.

Both were declared duly elected

The Clerk was requested to book two places for the new councillors on the SALC course for new councillors to be held on 04 June 2007, with the third "free" place to be taken by KC (or HS if KC unable to attend)


8-0708/2 – Appointments of Parish Tree Officer and Parish Footpath Officer

Mr J Garratt was appointed as Tree Officer and Mr R Reade as Footpath Officer.


9-0708/2 – Previous Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of 25 April 2007 were approved and signed as a true record


10-0708/2 – Matters arising from previous minutes

(i)       Speeding in The Street (previous minute 4-0707/1 (i))

The Clerk confirmed that he had written to SCC regarding average speeds and requesting further visits by the SCC “SID” equipment.

(ii)                                                                 Drainage in The Street (previous minute 4-0708/1 (ii))

The Clerk confirmed that he had advised SCC, Highways of the date of the Village Fete and had pointed out that the entrance  at the Recreation Ground must not be blocked at that time.

(iii)                                                                Audit of Village Hall Accounts (previous minute 4-0708/1 (iv))

ST advised that there was nothing furtherr to report due to the short period from the last meeting.

(iv)                                                                Re-naming of Low Street (previous minute 4-0708 (v))

The Clerk advised that he had written to the Low Street residents as instructed by the last council meeting

(v)                                                                  Entry in the Village of the Year competition (previous minute 4-0708/1 (vi))

ST advised that attempts were being made to establish the exact date of visit (without success so far)  and confirmed that she would place an item in Parish magazine asking villagers to take extra effort to keep the village tidy. Other items to be undertaken were to remove notices from telegraph poles and Mrs J Rice would be asked to take down old notices at the village hall.

(vi)                                                                Planning application C07/0438 – 16 Low Street (previous minute 5-0708/1 (ii))

The Clerk advised that he had written to SCDC in accordance with the last council minutes

(vii)                                                               Previous planning application C04/0086 – Conversion of barn to residential dwelling etc. (previous minute 5-0708/1 (iii))

The Clerk confirmmed that he had written to SCDC in accordance with the last council minutes

(viii)                                                             Routing of FP14 (previous minute 8-0708/1 (ii))

The Clerk advised that he had written to SCC in accordance with the last council minutes


11-0708/2 - Planning

The Clerk confirmed that there were no outstanding planning matters for discussion.


12-0708/2 – Financial Report by RFO (The Clerk)

The Clerk advised that the financial position was unchanged from that reported to the meeting of 25 April 2007; namely that the main account has a current balance of £1,964.29 and the 100+ account a balance of £1,364.98 (both after allowing accruals for cheques raised and for latest receipts). The Clerk confirmed that the council’s finances continued to be satisfactory


13-0708/2 – Financial Matters

The council agreed payment to BVH&RG of £8.00 for room hire for the next meeting at the village hall on agreed date of 11 July 2007. ST withdrew from the meeting for this item


14-0708/2 – Brandeston Parish Plan

The Chairman adjourned the meeting to permit open discussion on this item as recorded in the notes attached these minutes.

The Chairman re-convened the meeting and the Clerk was instructed to make the arrangements set out in the attached notes.


15-0708/2 – Correspondence

The Chairman presented the letter received from (and circulated to Councillors) Earl Soham pre-school group requesting a donation. It was agreed to make a donation of £20 but the Clerk was instructed to advise them that it was exceptional for the Parish Council to make donations outside of the parish - an exception was being made due to the attendance of Brandeston children at the school.


16-0708/2 - Any other business as may be raised and accepted as appropriate by the Chairman

There were no items under this heading.


Date of Next Meeting

Dates of next meetings were confirmed as 11 July 2007 and 26 Sept 2007; both at 8.00 pm at the village hall.


The meeting closed at 9.45 pm



Mr N Hayward suggested that the volunteers, identified as willing to assist in the preparation of a Parish Plan at the meeting of 16 April 2007, be encouraged to hold their meeting and to appoint a committee. it was agreed that the Council should “ensure” that a suitable meeting be held. Mr Hayward added that with a one-year timescale this first meeting should be held in approximately one month.

ST stated that the meeting should not start with preconceived ideas but that the Council should make suggestions and headings. She also advised that the village hall committee would probably consider this meeting to be a community event and not subject to charge for hire. She undertook to discuss with the committee.

KC suggested that notice of the meeting be made to the whole village so that others can come forward. This was agreed with publicity and other arrangements as follows :-

1. Item in June Parish Magazine to include mention of the good turn-out at the last PP meeting and urging further attendance.

2. Notices on three parish boards

3. Council to write to those already volunteered urging them to attend the meeting and asking for their involvement right at the start

4. Council to prepare outline agenda for the meeting to include "welcome, nominations and election of committee, nominations for Suffolk ACRE workshops and request for more volunteers.

5. The Clerk to establish when the next Suffolk ACRE workshops were to be held.

6. It was agreed that this meeting be held at the village hall on 27 June 2007 at 8.00 pm