All Saints’ Church, Brandeston
Parochial Church Council
Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 2nd June 2008

Present:          The Revd Robin Alderson

                        Mr Baker

                        Mrs Baker

                        Lady Cunliffe

                        Mrs Demetriadi 

Mr Garratt

Mrs Jeffery,

Miss Leach

Mrs Matthews

Mr McArthur

                        Mrs Molyneux 

                        Mrs Woodland      


The meeting opened with a prayer, giving thanks for the life of Anthony Fletcher.


1) There were apologies for absence from Mr Drummond and Mrs Moore


2)      Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd March 2008

These were approved.


3)      Minutes of the meeting held on 16th April 2008

These were approved.


4)      Matters arising from the minutes.

  • The maps have finally been collected.
  • The projector and tablecloth were sold for £51.
  • Mrs Moore was thanked for her interesting talk at the APCM.
  • The photograph of Graham Vellacott will be one taken at his retirement, rather than the one with “Jacko”. There was some discussion about whether we should also have a photograph of the Revd Roberts.


5)         Finance

Parish Share

£2000 out of this year’s total share of £9300 has been paid. Mr Baker is paying on a monthly basis.

We have received £1400 in returned income tax from Gift Aid donations.

We have received £1700 in reclaimed VAT.

£2000 has been transferred to the business premium account.

We provided £20 for the flowers at Dr Fletcher’s funeral.


6)         Fund Raising and forthcoming events

  • Ghost stories:            There is no fixed date for this.
  • Chris Parfitt                The talk on Antarctica will take place on 12th October.
  • Concert:                     There has been no progress on the concert.
  • Bike ride:                   Mrs Baker will speak to Karren Piper again.
  • Wedding flowers have been commissioned for the wedding on 18th July.


  • Fête                            There were queries about the venue of the fête. It was explained that, historically, the hut committee has decided on the venue. Mr McArthur suggested that we review the success of using the grounds of the Queen’s Head before considering future venues. It was reported that some people in the village are not happy about the use of the pub for the fête. Members of the PCC were reminded of the next planning meeting at the Queen’s Head on Monday 9th June at 8.00pm.
  • The  meeting discussed the future needs of the church, particularly the necessity to raise more funds to pay the increasing parish share and to seek out a wider group of contributors.


7)         Joint meeting of Benefice PCCs.

Mr Alderson thanked all those who attended the meeting. A detailed report will follow.

He commented that, for Brandeston, the aspirations outlined in the parish plan are still valid.

  • There was some discussion about the times of services. The 8 o’clock and 6 o’clock service times are popular but the 11 o’clock slot is not so well-received. However, the general consensus of the PCC was that it is preferable to have two 11 ‘clock services to one at ten and one at eleven.
  • The possible use of microphones was suggested as a way to encourage reluctant readers. It was also suggested that we could use the pulpit more often.
  • The meeting considered the importance of the church as a place for individual visitors to come for prayer and quiet reflection. How could we emphasise this?
  • We will try to book the Bishop for 29th November 2009.
  • The meeting considered the possible purchase of “Anglican Hymns Old and New”. The school could be asked to help with the cost or individuals could be asked to pay for books with dedication plates inside to record their donations. Please let Robin know what hymns you like.


8)         Deanery Synod

The meeting discussed the written minutes of the last synod meeting, taking note of the evensong in Framlingham on 28th September. There will be no evensong in Brandeston on that day.

The Deanery meeting reminded PCCs that, at next year’s APCM, we will need to reconsider the 6 year rule for churchwardens.


The Harvest Festival will now take place in Brandeston on 21st September.


9)         Restoration

No restoration work has taken place.


10)      Mortuary Chapel

Jeff Hogan has completed his work on the Austin tomb and the family have been informed. The footpath has been cut and the orchids will be out soon.


11)      Child Protection.

Mrs Jeffery is waiting to hear about courses.


12)      Correspondence

1.          The meeting agreed to a request from the Dickson family to place a bench in the churchyard in memory of their parents, George and Margaret. The PCC would however, like to see the design of the bench first. It was suggested that the bench should be made from hardwood.

2.              Mrs Woodland pointed out an inaccuracy in the annual report. She explained that there were 6 baptisms, not 5. She will check the records with Revd Alderson and the churchwarden and we will, if necessary, issue an amendment to the report.


Date of next meeting: Monday June 24th at Rose Farm at 7.30 pm.

Dates:             18th July                      Wedding flowers

21st September.        Harvest Festival in Brandeston

28th September         Evensong in Framlingham at 3 pm

12th October.             Talk by Chris Parfitt on Antarctica.